Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trials And Tribulations

Currently, I'm staring into the maw of the worst monster ever. Actually, there may be worse things in the world, but for a student, its the worst nightmare.

Yes, you got it right, EXAMS!!!!!! Could anything be worse. Hmm . . .difficult question, but I'm sure getting struck with food poisoning a couple of days before said exams will definitely qualify

Yeah, so I'm in a really f--, err, bad position. So keeping it short, since I'm really tempted to spew words I'd rather not on my blog, the fact remains that there will be no new posts for about three weeks. But be ready for a literal barrage afterwards.

In the meantime, pray that I get through this and survive to tell the tale.

This is 'Yours Truly', signing out.

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