Friday, June 10, 2011


Its been a long time since I wrote on this blog. A long time. A pretty long time. A dang long time.

Stuff has been happening. Life's pretty hectic. Last month has been full of the trial med school tests I signed up for - in order to prepare for the eventual showdown next year. I've practically been traveling 250 miles each weekend to sit the tests. It doesn't help that most tests are scheduled pretty early in the morning - meaning I had to wake up practically during the night to make the trip, then sit the exam, then return - to do it all over again every (and sometimes twice) week. The time between these trips is spent studying  . . . and playing Starcraft 2.

 Physics and bio are rough task masters. By the end of the day I'm tired as hell (not necessarily by just studies  . . . shhh) but pleased by the fact that I've learnt something new. Until the next day that is, when the delusion is lifted when I'm unable to solve any problems. And don't even get me started about chemistry. Because . . .I don't know WHERE to start. I haven't even made up my mind whether I love or hate the damn thing. Maybe a bit of both? Who knows?

The other thing occupying my time is, of course, Starcraft 2. And I didn't post about it because there isn't anything that I can say about that game that hasn't been said already. With the huge community of starcraft nerds and it’s astoundingly awesome and exciting pro-scene, anything I say is only going to be redundant. That being said, much of my free time has went into watching pro repays and the highly entertaining and educational videos of Day[9] and MrBitter. Any starcraft gamer must check them out.  

The exams end next week so I will start posting stuff again. There will be a few changes though. No book reviews for one. I thought of writing book reviews because I wanted to talk about the books I read. But I realized fairly soon that writing a book review actually doesn't give you enough leeway to 'talk' about it - discuss what you liked and hated. It restricts you to vague expressions. And there are bucket loads of book reviewers out there. They are a better source of opinion if you want a review. I'm no authority on books. And I don't want to be.

So, from now on, if I read a book and want to discuss it, that's what I will do. No stupid review that restricts me to articulate anything remotely coherent, no sir. I will write a post about the book in its full 'spoilery' glory and anyone who already hasn't read it may be damned. Oh ok, don't glare at me, I will specify the beginning of spoilers. One good thing about this approach is that I am free to gush about a book  and all that sort of good jazz, without a care about the 'professional, factual, emotionless' way of a book reviewer. These guys show less emotion than a biology professor dissecting a frog. I'm looking at you, WeirdMage!

Some other changes may be in the air, but I haven't given much thought to that. I 'MAY' stop writing for since I don't get much time for that sort of a thing and Shaun has gathered a good slew of dedicated writers for his website. I don't want to give it up, but seriously, I haven't produced any good content in a long while and future prospects aren't looking good.

Anyway, that's all for this post. Hopefully, there will be one soon. Probably. Hopefully.

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